Community members show support at local mosque after New Zealand shooting

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Forty-nine people were killed at two mosques in New Zealand on Friday. Officials in New Zealand said the attack appeared to have been well-planned. The manifesto the shooter posted online contained anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Local Islamic community members took to Facebook so share active shooter drills after the incident.

"I was shocked, sad. I can't really express my emotion," Islamic community member Dr. Majed Khader said.

Dr. Khader told WSAZ more people came to the mosque in Huntington to pray than normal on Friday after the attack. "The incident made us very strong and we are very appreciative to our local community the interfaith community who came and stood with us," he said.

Community members from all walks of faith prayed with them at the mosque on Friday and some left flowers and cards to show support for the Muslim community in Huntington and around the world.

"The peace is our mission over here, and unfortunately it's different from what others around think about us or about Muslims, we are community people," Dr. Khader said.

With peace in mind, they watch out for each other, especially after the recent attack. "We also watch our surroundings, in case if there are any suspicions. We've never had something like this, but we have our eyes open to this," Dr. Khader said.

Protecting each other is something Dr. Khader said is important for everyone, not just religious groups.