Daughters of Uber/Lyft driver stuck, scratched by needle left by customer

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ)- A well-known Huntington Uber and Lyft driver is calling it quits after two of his daughters were stuck and scratched by a needle he says was left by a customer.

Andy McKee, a veteran and former police officer, says days ago one of his young daughters complained about being stuck by something sharp in the backseat of his truck – the same vehicle he uses for the popular rideshare program.

After searching the vehicle, nothing was found. Days later, his other daughter said she was scratched and handed her father what she thought was a staple. Upon further investigation it was the broken end of a needle.

“Our stomachs just dropped and we went to the emergency room right away,” McKee told WSAZ’s Nick Oliver.

Doctors and nurses at Cabell Huntington Hospital consulted with the family and said they would need to monitor the puncture and scratch, but they do not believe any bacteria was shared with the young girls.

McKee was the first to join the rideshare programs when both came to Huntington. However, he says the safety of his family must come first therefore he is ending his career with Uber and Lyft.

“I had fun doing this but I’ve got to think about my safety and my kids,” said McKee. “I am 100 percent done.”

He says while this nightmare is one his family never imagined, he now wants to warn others – both drivers and riders.

“Drivers need to be aware that this is the reality now,” McKee said. “For other people that take Lyft and Uber they need to make sure they are watching.”

McKee says on a busy day he can give up to 25 rides a day – making it nearly impossible to track down the person that would have left the needle in his truck. He’s now preparing to lose around an extra $100 per shift he works with the companies but says it’s worth it to never experience this again.