UPDATE | 'Frozen' characters on $90k bags of meth 'no accident'

Published: Mar. 14, 2019 at 2:58 PM EDT
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UPDATE 3/14/19 @ 5:30 p.m.

There’s a warning for parents and grandparents from undercover drug agents. Drug dealers using baggies with the cartoon characters from the Disney movie "Frozen."

Police worry if they get into the wrong hands, especially a child, it could be deadly.

It’s the only reason this big meth bust is getting publicity.

"For a child, it's potentially lethal,” said the Director of the F.A.D.E. Task Force, an acronym for FIVCO Area Drug Enforcement. It’s a group that operates in Carter and Greenup counties.

We’re keeping his identity secret because of the nature of his job.

The task force seized more than a pound of crystal meth with a street value of $90,000.

"Common street name is ice," said the director.

That’s why there's a little irony in seeing the animated stars from Frozen.

"One hundred percent intentional,” he said. “Pretty despicable."

It’s branding by drug dealers so addicts know what to look for. The bags are the highest purity the officers have seen in years, likely 97 or 98 percent meth.

"The purer stuff, the more dangerous it is," the director said.

That’s why the Task Force Director uses gloves even now to show us the drugs.

Once dealers mix it with other drugs like fentanyl, something happening more and more these days, it's even more lethal. Just a grain or two is enough to kill.

"The potential for a fatal overdose just by touching inside that bag is pretty high."

So the warning -- if you or your child sees even an empty baggie like that on a playground or along the road, do not touch. Call your local police department.

"Any place within a 50 to100-mile radius is probably a safe bet," said the director.

So while the bust was made this week in Greenup County, Kentucky, whether you live in Portsmouth, Ohio, Charleston, West Virginia or even beyond, take note.

Do be careful. Do not panic.

Smaller size baggies with ‘Frozen’ characters are also being used.

Agents are not sharing any other details to not compromise the investigation going forward.

The one pound of crystal meth breaks into more than 4,500 individual hits. But it's more likely to be mixed with other things including heroin and fentanyl to create 3 to 4 pounds of meth to sell.

If you have any information for the F.A.D.E Task Force, you can call 606-836-0442. The phone number is completely anonymous.


If you're a parent with a relatively young child, there's a good chance you've had "Frozen" lyrics stuck in your head a time or two... or a million. However, detectives have a warning for parents after finding drugs inside of kid-friendly packaging.

"Parents and concerned citizens should be cautious about suspicious packages with cartoon characters on them," detectives said.

Detectives made a huge drug bust and found thousands of doses of crystal methamphetamine inside plastic baggies. Characters from the movie "Frozen" are on the packaging.

Investigators from the F.A.D.E Drug Task Force and Raceland Police Department recently intercepted the meth delivery.

The suspects had about 4,500 doses of meth with a total street value of more than $90,000.

"Detectives can not express how dangerous this substance is," investigators said. "Parents should be vigilant with their children and be aware of what packaging the child may have."

Charges are pending according to F.A.D.E detectives.

You can contact the task force anonymously at 606-836-0442 to report illegal drug activity in Carter County or Greenup County.

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