UPDATE | Disturbance call sparks chase with sheriff's deputies

Published: Jan. 27, 2020 at 9:57 AM EST
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UPDATE 1/27/19 @ 7:20 p.m.

Micheal Oaks plowed through a fence Sunday night and hit Teresa and Steven Lockharts' home in Cross Lanes. The couple had just to run errands when the incident occurred on Bluebell Drive. Neighbors called the Lockharts and warned them about the damage to their yard.

"I thought what in the world, you know, and he said someone had been in our yard," Teresa Lockhart said.

The couple was shocked when they came home. Oaks had taken out most of the Lockharts' gate surrounding the home, destroyed the grass and left debris in the yard.

"Its just hard to believe what happened because the vehicle had to have gone around several times in the yard the way everything is so smashed up," said Teresa Lockhart.

When the couple got inside their home, they found a gash in the wall and several cracks. The Lockharts had to put a bag over the hole in order to keep cold air form getting in.

I had pictures and things on the floor cracked and frames were broke and everything that had come off the wall," Teresa Lockhart said.

Kanawha County Sheriff Mike Rutherford said the deputy that was hit in the incident had minor injuries but could have had many more.

"It is just the grace of the good Lord that we have not had three funerals for three deputies in Kanawha County just in the last month," Rutherford said.

The Sheriff's Department has experienced a few incidences in the past month. The pursuit Sunday night is something Rutherford says he does not want to see happen again.

"Then last night when this individual intentionally in my estimation attempted to run down a deputy," Rutherford said.

The sheriff also says Oaks was a danger to the public and believes two bills in the West Virginia Senate and House would help with situations like the one Sunday involving Oaks.

"If we are fortunate enough to have the laws changed we can put these people away where they belong," Rutherford said.

There is no word on the people taken to the hospital after Oaks crashed into a car on Big Tyler Road, sending the victims to the hospital.

"These people need to be put away where they should be because they are a danger to our deputies and they are also a danger to the public," Rutherford said.

As for Teresa and Steven, who are left with the mess to clean up, they say they are fortunate they weren't home at the time. Still, it will be difficult for them because the pieces in their yard were family heirlooms.

"His mom's mother had, we had a wheelbarrow and a hand-push plow. They were vintage," Teresa said.


A man is now facing charges after an incident that led to him hitting a deputy and a deputy's cruiser with his pickup truck.

According to the Kanawaha County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to Bluebell Drive in Cross Lanes after dispatchers received a disturbance call.

When deputies arrived at the house, they say Michael Oakes, 34, of Cross Lanes got in his F-150 truck and put it in reverse, hitting a deputy standing outside of his cruiser.

Deputies say Oakes also hit a neighbor's fence, car and house as he took off in his truck. He also slammed into another car while traveling on Big Tyler Road. Deputies say the people inside of that vehicle were transported to a hospital.

Other deputies were able to locate Oakes on Sissonville Drive. A short chase ensued until Oakes crashed the pickup truck a short distance away.

Deputies say he was combative during the arrest and showed signs of intoxication. A sample of his was blood was taken after a search warrant was issued.

Deputies say the blood will be tested and may be used to demonstrate intoxication resulting in additional charges.

As for the initial disturbance call on Bluebell Drive, deputies concluded that a domestic dispute between Oakes and his wife was the catalyst for the original 911 call.

Oakes has been charged with strangulation. Deputies say other charges that may be considered by the Kanawha County Prosecuting Attorney's Office are domestic violence with a minor child, fleeing, driving under the influence and committing those crimes while causing injury and property damage.

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Office says the deputy Oakes hit with his pickup truck was not seriously injured.

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