Downtown Charleston bakery decides to close due to COVID-19

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Rock City Cake Company, a popular bakery located in downtown Charleston, will be closing indefinitely starting Monday.

After having a successful run with curbside pickup and delivery, Rock City Cake Company decided to close their doors to stop the potential spread of COVID-19.

Owners say the decision was made out of a moral obligation, saying that money had nothing to do with it.

"We talked it through and it's not something we necessarily wanted to do, but we felt we had a moral obligation to do so," said Morgan Morrison, co-owner of Rock City Cake Company.

Morrison says when the shop was open for delivery and pickup, the line was usually around the corner. However, even though the business was making money, bakery owners say they didn't want to put anyone at risk.

"Sending our delivery drivers out to all these people and possibly catching something it just didn't feel like the responsible thing to do," Morrison said.

When this young entrepreneur found how how serious COVID-19 was, she knew sacrifices had to be made. She says it would hurt her more if someone from her community died from contracting the virus.

"When somebody dies from this, it's going to be your grandma that fixed you biscuits and gravy, it's going to be the old man that comes in every morning buying pastries," Morrison said. "It's going to be people we know, and it is going to hit home from us."

The shop will honor custom orders that have already been placed. After that, the bakery will be closed until the outbreak passes.

Morrison says if the shop has to close past May, it would seriously impact the business financially.

But she says she has faith in the Charleston community.

"Hopefully even if we have two dollars to our name, they are going to make sure that our business succeeds and does not close," Morrison said.