Dozens of needles found on sidewalk in Portsmouth

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PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WSAZ) -- Just about every yard on Valley Street in Portsmouth has something in common, a sign for their local neighborhood watch.

The needles were found strewn down two blocks in front of homes and a church in Portsmouth, Ohio.

"Things have changed and the neighborhood has changed," neighbor Jackie Craig said.

Craig and her husband have lived on the block for more than 50 years, and now their grandkids live right down the street.

"I love having them there. I can come and see them quickly and they come over my house and stay the night and go to church with me," she said.

But Craig says the neighborhood has changed.

"People are afraid to go out on the porch. They got to get their mail right away, can’t leave packages on the porch," she said.

During the weekend, about 30 needles were found strewn down the sidewalk -- in front of homes and even a church, all right where kids play.

"The kids were out playing they were riding their bicycles down the street. There's about four or five of them, and they were barefooted," Craig said.

She says some of the needles appeared to have liquid inside.

"Very scary because if somebody would pick it up and accidentally just get poked with -- cause of them had black liquid in it," she said.

Craig is grateful the kids knew what to do and her grandchildren weren't home.

"When you get a child coming across that, they're not always sure and it was smart of the little girl to go get her mother," she said.

A smart move that a child shouldn't have to make to keep their children and grandchildren safe.

"We’re on our toes, we’re watching people up and down the street," Craig said.

Portsmouth Police responded and disposed of the needles safely.

If you find a needle or any other piece of drug paraphernalia, you're advised to reach out to local law enforcement. Do not attempt to pick it up on your own.