Driver takes dangerous detour through neighbor's yard near elementary school

Published: Sep. 7, 2018 at 11:56 AM EDT
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For students in the Spring Valley area, walking to school is a normal routine. However, their Friday began with a scary sight when someone drove through a neighbor's yard close to where many of those students were walking.

It happened less than 100 yards away from Kellogg Elementary on Piedmont Road. A neighbor tells WSAZ about 50 kids use the sidewalks in that area to walk to school.

WSAZ obtained surveillance video from a nearby gas station that shows the moment the driver sped through an intersection, drove into the gas station parking lot, through the yard and past the school where kids were outside. The entire time, the driver never stopped.

A witness said the driver got out of his/her vehicle about a block away to check for damages, but then he/she kept driving.

Police responded and took statements from witnesses. The driver has not been arrested.