UPDATE: W.Va. murder suspect appears in court; bond set at $1 million

Published: Jun. 7, 2018 at 12:55 PM EDT
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UPDATE 6/8/18 @ 6:30 p.m.

A man accused in two shootings in two different states, all within a month, appeared in an Ohio courtroom Friday.

The evidence stacked against Daimeyon Smith, 35, of Dunbar was enough to convince an Ohio judge there is enough probable cause to convene a grand jury. Friday morning, the judge sent the case to a grand jury.

The judge also set Smith's bond at $1 million. His charges in Ohio include two counts of attempted murder and one count of aggravated robbery.

This comes after a dangerous crime spree Wednesday near Cincinnati. Investigators there say Smith robbed a bank, led police on a chase and later shot twice at police. No officers were injured, but one of the bullets hit an innocent bystander sitting in a bar. The man has critical injuries.

At the time of the incident, Smith was wanted out of Kanawha County for the May murder of Tanisha Hariston, 29.

WSAZ checked the Kanawha County court records, showing Smith has a criminal history dating back to 2005 in Kanawha County, including one felony conviction.

"That kind of person certainly doesn't need to be on the streets walking free," Capt. Matt Arthur with the Dunbar Police Department tells WSAZ. "We're always relieved when someone who's committed such an atrocious act is taken into custody."

It is unclear if or when Smith is expected to be extradited to West Virginia.

UPDATE 6/7/18 @ 2:53 p.m.

A man from Dunbar, West Virginia who is accused of committing several violent crimes in Hamilton County, Ohio is also the suspect in a Kanawha County murder, WSAZ has learned.

Law enforcement officials tell us Daimeyon Smith, 35, of Dunbar, has a homicide warrant out of Kanawha County.

Dunbar Police confirm Smith is the suspect in the murder on Roxalana Hills Drive in May.

Police say Tanisha Hariston, 29, of Charleston, was found dead just over the hill by the townhouses. She appeared to have been shot.

The murder warrant for Smith was issued Wednesday night.

A detective with the Kanawha County Bureau of Investigations and a Dunbar Police detective are in Cincinnati Thursday to interview Smith.

He is also currently facing two attempted murder charges out of Ohio. According to WLWT, Smith is accused of robbing a bank in Woodlawn, Ohio. He then allegedly led police on a chase and crashed near a bar in Forest Park, Ohio. Investigators say Smith ran inside the bar then gunshots went off.

Forest Park Police Chief Bill Arns says they believe Smith meant to shoot at police, but ended up hurting a customer in the head. The victim was alert and talking before he was taken to the hospital.

Police said Wednesday night the victim was listed in stable, but critical condition.

Smith is in custody at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

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A man is in custody after police said he robbed a bank and led them on a chase.

Daimeyon Smith, 35, of Dunbar, West Virginia, was arrested and will be charged in connection to the incidents in both Woodlawn and Forest Park.

At some point during the events, police said someone was shot in the head.

Authorities said the suspected robber entered the U.S. Bank on Springfield Pike in Woodlawn before 4 p.m. He showed a weapon and got away with a "large amount" of money, according to police.

"Yes, we're U.S. Bank.We just were robbed in Woodlawn," an employee told 911 dispatchers. "... He had a gun pointed at us and it was very violent. He was going to shoot us."

Police said the man then ran out and got into a car, which then prompted a chase. Officers were able to track their suspect, using a GPS device that was inserted with the cash during the robbery.

The man eventually crashed near the Cruise Inn bar in Forest Park and ran inside.

"I didn't hear the crash I just heard the pop, pop, pop," a witness who did not want to be identified told WLWT.

Before police entered the bar, they said they heard shots fired. They then discovered a bar patron had been shot in the head.

"Somebody just got shot up here, I don't know what (inaudible) I'm the bartender. I'm on the floor, I don't know what's going on," a caller told 911.

Forest Park Police Chief Bill Arns said they believe the robber meant to shoot at police, but ended up hurting the patron instead. The victim was identified as Scott Ramsey, 47. He was alert and talking to police before being transported to UC Medical Center.

Police said Wednesday night the victim was listed in stable but critical condition.

Neither the robber, nor any officers were hurt.

"You don't know what someone's intent is when they're robbing a bank. So it was a very dangerous situation not only for the officers but also for all of the civilians in the area," Chief Bill Arns said.

A Hamilton County sheriff's deputy arrested Smith as he tried to run out a side door, and tossed his gun in a trash can.

The entire ordeal left many in Forest Park on edge.

"I'm a mom and it scares me that life is so precious and so short and you shouldn't take a moment for granted," a witness said to WLWT.

Portia Spell of Greenhills, Ohio, was rear-ended by Smith. Officers say she was not injured in the crash.

No charges are officially filed at this time. Smith was being questioned by police prior to being processed at the Hamilton County Justice Center.