Elkhorn City prepares for wet-dry vote

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ELKHORN CITY, Ky. (WSAZ) -- In Elkhorn City, one question has the town buzzing about the upcoming election more than any other decision on the ballot.

Elkhorn City has yard signs like this on nearly every street corner in town leading up to their wet-dry vote next month.

Wet or dry?

Signs are littered all throughout the town trying to convince voters to vote one way or another.

For Councilwoman Roxanne Blankenship, this vote isn't just about making alcohol more accessible, it's about the future of the town.

"It's not about me, it's not about the mayor, it's not about anything other than the growth of our city and the future of Elkhorn City," Blankenship said. "Right now, we are more of a pass-through place to get to a destination than we are a destination."

Blankenship believes that by becoming wet, Elkhorn City will have the opportunity to bring in more business.

"There's so much to offer, but we need some additional revenue to support more businesses in Elkhorn (City) and unless we get this tax rate from the alcohol sales and get some other revenue in, we're not going to be able to prosper like we want to and grow."

Elkhorn City Mayor Mike Taylor says that the opportunities that could come with becoming wet may be greatly exaggerated.

"We're too small a town," Taylor said. "They act like it's a 'save our town.' It's not."

"Why should we have to pay for extra law enforcement and why should we put our kids in danger and make no money?" Taylor continued.

Registered voters in Elkhorn City can vote on the wet-dry issue during the election on Nov. 5 at Elkhorn City Hall and the Artists' Collaborative Theatre.