UPDATE: Parkersburg fire out

Published: Oct. 21, 2017 at 9:40 AM EDT
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Officials say the IEI warehouse fire is out.

Incident Commander, Lubeck Fire Chief Mark Stewart says the last of the fire was extinguished around noon on Sunday.

There is now a 36-48 hour cool down phase. Firefighters will no longer be putting water on the site, but will be watching for flare-ups.

Officials will continue to monitor air quality.

UPDATE 10/24/17 @ 2:50 p.m.

West Virginia American Water says they are closely monitoring water quality of the Ohio River at its Huntington plant for potential impacts after the massive fire in Parkersburg.

The fire is located approximately 124 miles upstream of the Huntington plant's intake.

WVAW says that is more than a week's travel time at current river velocity.

Water quality personnel have been in contact with officials from ORSANCO and WVDEP and have received information on the firefighting foam being used as a precaution.

West Virginia American Water has detected no impact to water quality and will continue to diligently monitor water quality over the coming days and weeks.

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UPDATE 10/23/17 @ 5 p.m.

Governor Jim Justice has declared a State of Emergency in Wood County after this weekends warehouse fire that is still burning.

According to a release, the fire has not been fully extinguished and poor air quality is still in the area.

"Multiple State Agencies have been involved in assisting Wood County since this terrible fire started on Saturday," said Gov. Justice. "We are committed to making sure this disaster continues to be addressed and therefore I am issuing this declaration so that essential emergency services continue without interruption."

There weren't any injuries reported at the former Ames Plant in Parkersburg where the fire started.

Firefighters from Parkersburg and every Wood County volunteer department were called to help fight the fire.

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UPDATE 6:51pm 10/22/17

Many are worried what the effects of the smoke may do to you if you breathe it in. West Virginia University Medicine, Camden Clark in Parkersburg is prepared for anyone who will potentially need medical assistance.

Camden Clark started preparing for aftermath effects of the fire around 9 a.m. Saturday morning. They called in their Pulmonologist, a doctor who focuses on health of the respiratory system. Dr. Abiy Kelil said to be cautious. He says, "The smoke contains some chemicals and this could be a problem, especially for people who have some breathing problems like COPD, asthma or some occupational breathing problem."

The hospital also gathered the necessary supplies to treat potential victims and called in extra nurses. Camden Clark has a software to handle an emergency situation like this.

Susan Abdella is the Director of the Emergency Department at the hospital. She said they have all the tools to be successful during events like this. She says, "Emergency departments know that they may be needed in a moments notice. We can activate this and have one message instead of making phone calls or pages, this will go to the employees preferred communication type. It will go right to them in a matter of seconds."

According to a press release from unified command, initial air monitoring testing showed air to be within acceptable quality limits. However, it is still important to be cautious if you're near the smoke.

Dr. Kelil says, "If somebody noticing coughing more, having more shortness of breath to come in immediately and seek medical advice."

As of 10 pm Saturday, Camden Clark has had one patient come in with shortness of breath.

UPDATE: An update from Wood County Citizen Alert

At present officials are conducting air quality samples as well as lab testing of sample fallout materiel taken from the Parkersburg and surrounding areas.

Until these samples are examined the substances contained within the smoke cloud is undetermined. We would strongly suggest avoiding exposure to the smoke and its byproduct until the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has conducted their testing.

We are also getting reports of particle fallout material in locations in Williamstown and Marietta. These particles can be harmful to the respiratory system. Once again we would strongly advise not to expose yourself to these particles.

Initial air monitoring testing completed in the immediate and surrounding area of the fire scene shows air to be within acceptable quality limits.


Wood County 911 released the following information at 8:15 a.m. Saturday:

"The Ames Plant located in the 3800 block of Camden Ave in Southside Parkersburg is currently on fire and has been for several hours. There are several fire departments currently on scene working this fire, and due to this we are receiving several 911 calls due to smoke. There is heavy smoke in all surrounding areas, before calling 911 please verify that a structure is on fire so the departments are not having to leave the scene of the Ames Plant for a false structure fire call."

A fire at the former Ames Plant in south Parkersburg continues to burn, with flames and heavy smoke continuing to pour from the site.

Authorities say the fire at the plant on Camden Avenue broke out shortly before 1 a.m. in the west end of the plant and the flames quickly engulfed the property.

Residents reported hearing several explosions shortly after the fire broke out.

Broadway Avenue at Camden Avenue is closed, along with multiple streets that lead onto Camden Avenue in the vicinity of the plant.

Authorities are asking people to avoid the area. They're also advising anyone with breathing problems to stay indoors if possible.

Firefighters from Parkersburg and every Wood County volunteer department were called to help fight the blaze.

The American Red Cross has also been called into to provide food, ice and other supplies for firefighters.

No injuries have been reported.