UPDATE: Family sleeping in tent since June flooding finds shelter

Published: Nov. 18, 2016 at 12:47 AM EST
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CLAY COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A family that has been living in a tent since the June flooding ruined their home is finally going to sleep in a warm, safe place.

Thursday morning, volunteers from the Greater Clay Long-Term Recovery Committee say they were made aware that a couple had spent the better part of five months sleeping in that tent instead. Volunteers offered the couple a place to stay for the immediate future.

Committee Chairwoman Rhonda McDonald says they have been in contact with other groups who have been scouring lesser-populated areas affected by flooding, as well as searching for other folks still in need of help. It's a practice McDonald says is even more crucial with temperatures dropping in the coming days.

"We're focusing on getting people out of the cold," McDonald said. "It's just sad ... I've seen four families in dire straights, in need, this week already."

McDonald says she is concerned several more families in need of help will be in danger of sleeping in the cold. She says her group and others will continue searching.

"We're going to be back out in the communities again," McDonald said. "We'll be back out going up hollows, door to door, trying to see what we can do, who we can find that needs help."

Volunteers with the committee say if you are in a difficult living situation due to the flooding, or know someone who is, you should contact their office at (304) 587-4700.

They say they'll work to find a safe place for as many folks as they can.