Family home burglarized after fatal car crash

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MASON COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- William and Judy Sargent died in a car wreck on route 35 Saturday. Their family says they have filed a police report after the Sargent's home was burglarized.

The Sargent's daughters were in the backseat of their car during the wreck. They both survived.

"We didn't get the news of Bill and Judy's passing until Sunday morning and the accident was Saturday. Then we had found out that somebody went into their home and had taken one of the girls' beds and then obviously had rummaged through some other things," said Frances Hewitt, a close family friend.

Hewitt says it's deplorable that someone would come into their home and take the only things they have left.

"The only thing that they had left at that point were the things that were in that home because, your home is a place of safety and comfort. It's where you make your memories and do a lot of things together. For someone to feel taht they were entitled to come into that place and take what little bit of things they had left because, they weren't wealthy people, is just beyond comprehensible to me," said Hewitt.

Hewitt says the Sargent's may not have had many material possessions, but one thing they did have was a lot of love for one another.

"There's going to be a lot more Thanksgiving's, Christmas' and Birthdays, there's going to be empty graduation seats that just cannot be filled by anyone but your parents who you desparately long to be there," said Hewitt.

She says the Sargent children are now in need of clothing and furniture.

If anyone would like to donate you can message Tori Yorgey on Facebook @WSAZToriYorgey and she will tell you where to send items.

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