Family searching for answers after therapy dog shot multiple times

Published: Nov. 25, 2017 at 6:30 PM EST
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The Kinney family in Greenup County is asking for answers after somebody shot their dog three times in the leg early Friday morning.

Gary the Great Dane joined the family after son Garrett suffered a serious head injury in September 2016. Angie Kinney says Gary’s presence and service as a therapy dog was a major part in helping Garrett recover and get back to playing the sports he loves.

“He's just like part of our family,” said Garrett. “Like one of the kids.”

It’s that close bond between the entire family that makes what happened so upsetting to them, among a flood of other emotions.

“A lot of anger toward whoever would do this to a family pet,” said Angie.

“Just like anger,” said Garrett. “And then once I seen him laying on my mamaw's porch just bleeding everywhere, I got real upset.”

Angie says they immediately rushed Gary to the vet where at first his future was grim. Though it appears Gary will pull through and recover, the road looks to be a long one. The mounting vet bills are also on Angie and her husband’s minds, especially with the holidays approaching.

“We're discussing maybe forgoing Christmas this year to try to come up with the vet bill,” Angie said. “The kids are all okay with that.”

Angie says they all just want Gary home with them and are willing to make the sacrifices to keep the family whole. Garrett says he’ll do anything for his four-legged friend that played such a key role in his recovery, and is ready to return the favor.

“The roles seem like they're reversed in this situation because he's got to go through all this therapy,” said Garrett. It's gonna be hard because he's such a big dog.”

A big dog with a lot of love in him and towards him with a tough journey ahead because of a senseless act.

“I hope they realize that when they're shooting a family pet, it's not only the pet that's suffering, it's the whole family,” said Angie.

The Greenup County Sheriff’s Office along with Kentucky Fish & Wildlife are investigating the shooting.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help cover vet expenses.