State Police: Father uses son as human shield while resisting arrest

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A father is accused of using his seven-year-old son as a human shield when a West Virginia State Trooper had him at gunpoint.

According to a criminal complaint Phillip Spurlock, 46, was pulled over along MacCorkle Avenue in the Kanawha City Area of Charleston for talking on his cell phone while driving.

The trooper advised Spurlock, who got out of his car, why he pulled him over. According to the complaint Spurlock started to argue with him. He eventually took off.

He lead police on a chase through a residential area. He eventually came to a stop. The trooper was ordering Spurlock to get on the ground, at gunpoint, when he went to the passenger side of the vehicle and pulled his child out of the car and used him as a human shield. According to the criminal complaint the Trooper put his weapon away once the child was out of the vehicle.

Spurlock then took off dragging his son by one arm. The Trooper hit the man in the thigh with a baton as he resisted arrest. That's when the Trooper started using pepper spray to subdue the man.

Once again he put his son between himself and the Trooper. He finally let go of his son and fell to the ground where he continued to resist arrest and punch the Trooper.

Once he was able to cuff him, Spurlock and his son were put in the cruiser and taken to the State Police office. The boy's mother came to pick him up.

Spurlock told the Trooper he tried to run away from them because he thought he had a domestic violence warrant issued for his arrest by Charleston Police.

According to the criminal complaint Spurlock's license was suspended, he is now in jail and charged with kidnapping and child neglect.

The criminal complaint has his address listed as Columbia, South Carolina.

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