Flag displayed in McArthur for Flag Day found burned

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MCARTHUR, Ohio (WSAZ) -- Keith Waters has been raising the American flag since his school days in Hamden, Ohio.

Early Saturday morning an American flag was set on fire in McArthur, Ohio. The flag was part of a display by the village to celebrate Flag Day.

"Taking the flag down, putting it up and folding it. You don’t let it touch the ground,” he said.

Now a 22 year Navy veteran, he flies his own flag at his home in McArthur.

"You know I fly my flag 24/7 and it makes me proud,” Waters said.

The small village is home to less than 2,000 people. That's why he was shocked to find out that early Saturday morning an American flag was set on fire and several others were placed on the ground on East High Street.

"When I read it this morning I said, no that can’t be. That's San Francisco, someplace, but not here,” he said.

The flags were placed there by the village to celebrate Flag Day, a day that's meant to honor the stars and stripes becoming the official flag of our nation.

For Waters, a veteran who has traveled all over the world to serve his country, the flags being disrespected is more than upsetting.

"The only word I can say without saying something bad is angry,” Waters said. "They have no respect period."

Others like Kiersten Yates agree. She has hopes of being a history major after high school and knows that many have fought for the right to fly our flag high.

"You know they die and families have to go through this. It's sad and these people just disrespect the flag,” Yates said.

She knows seeing the flags like this is especially hard for those who have served like Waters.

"It’s really sad. I didn’t expect to see it here because there's so many people I know who are veterans or who are in the service and it's disrespectful to them,” she said.

Now they are hoping that justice is served for the red, white and blue.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the McArthur Police Department.