Flood recovery effort continues in Clendenin

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CLENDENIN, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- While several are rebuilding around the country from the recent string of natural disasters, West Virginians are still feeling the impact from 2016's deadly flooding.

"We don't want to be forgotten in that list of all the other natural disasters that are going on," Greater Kanawha Long-Term Recovery Committee executive director Susan Jack said.

A group of about 30 young volunteers went to Clendenin on Wednesday to give a helping hand, which flood recovery leaders tell WSAZ is still in high demand.

"I cannot stress to you how important the volunteers were to us and were to our area," Jack said.

Wednesday's volunteers were from all over the country and came to Clendenin as a church group.

While volunteer groups of all kinds are welcome, Jack tells WSAZ there is an even greater demand for skilled laborers.

If you're interested in volunteering call (304) 539-9399.

"We've got this down to a science. The materials are on site ready to go. We just need people to come and let us finish the job here," Jack said.

The Greater Kanawha Long-Term Recovery Committee urges people from all over to help. If you're part of an out of town group, they can offer free lodging.

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