Fog alert for Wednesday morning

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 10:42 PM EST
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The new year if off to a wet and warm start. Already more than 2 inches of rain have fallen. High temperatures have made the 60s three times and 70s once (80 if you use the Saturday high in Charleston). In the weatherman’s lexicon these days of fog and mist not snow and ice are a

bane for winter weather lovers.

Now with a wet ground, light winds and clearing skies, the perfect recipe for a pea-soup, London-style fog is in place come Wednesday morning. So advisories for low vision and slow travel are assured for the first light of Wednesday. Fortunately most thermometers will be safely above freezing. However motorists heading toward Columbus and west toward Dayton may encounter damp bridges/roads from fog with near 32 degree temperatures.

The morning fog will slowly erode as a south wind sets in by mid to late morning. This will unveil a partly cloudy day with enough breaks in the overcast to propel highs back to 60 degrees.

So plan on a slower than normal trip to work and school on Wednesday as well as significant delays at airports across our region and the entirety of the Ohio, Kanawha and Big Sandy valleys. Also remember the golden adage as far as snow goes; namely, winter days with frost (light winds, no wind chill), fog (clear skies overhead and no wind so no wind chill) and of course rain are the stuff that SNOW DROUGHTS are made of !

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