UPDATE | City of Charleston employee pleads guilty to battery, other charges

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - The city of Charleston's community relations coordinator has taken a plea deal following an incident where officers say she forcibly pushed, grabbed and caused harm to another woman.

Alexandra Gallo pleaded guilty to charges of battery, trespassing and public intoxication on Tuesday.

Alexandra Rae Gallo agreed to a plea deal with charges of battery, trespassing and public intoxication following the Nov. 2 disturbance at the victim's home along Edgewood Drive in Charleston.

Officers say they escorted Gallo off of the property earlier that day and told her not to return. But according to the complaint, Gallo later left her home along Mathews Avenue, returned to the home on Edgewood Drive and forced her way in. Officers say she was intoxicated during the course of events.

Tuesday, a judge suspended Gallo's one year jail sentence and placed her on a year of unsupervised probation to begin on Jan. 14.

Gallo also has to complete 50 hours of community services.

Under unsupervised probation, Gallo can not leave the state, purchase or consume any type of alcoholic beverages, or have any type of firearm, ammunition or dangerous weapons. She also can not have any direct or indirect contact with the victim.

A spokesperson with the mayor's office says Gallo is still the city's community relations coordinator.

Gallo was originally charged with burglary, but that charge has since been dismissed.