From Hurricane to hurricane; local honeymooners stuck in Hawaii storm

OAHU, Hi. (WSAZ) -- Heading to paradise in Oahu, Hawaii, is something newlyweds Bill and Crystal Connard have been planning for months.

Bill and Crystal Connard

But thanks to Hurricane Lane, they are now planning around heavy wind, rain and flooding less than a week after saying "I do."

The couple, from Hurricane West Virginia, says they are hoping the Category 4 hurricane passes over without damage. They say their hotel has been planning around the expected 20 inches of rain with sandbags at most doors and emergency crews already on scene.

The island has enough shelter to cover 30 percent of the island -- meaning for many, they are forced to find higher land or evacuate the island. Meanwhile, grocery stores are being cleaned out while the storm prepares to hit.

The Connards say thankfully they will remain on the seventh floor of their hotel and even continue on their honeymoon with visits to the zoo and aquarium until the storm hits Thursday evening.

"We've bought groceries and now we are just hoping for the best," Connard told WSAZ's Chad Hedrick during a Facetime interview.

The Connard says their flight scheduled for Monday has been put on hold, and all flights to and from the island have been cancelled until the storm passes over.

The storm, originally a Category 5 hurricane, has since been downgraded to a Category 4.

The newlyweds say while the storm makes landfall, they will hunker down and hope their flight on Monday will leave on time.

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