Gov. Beshear unveils budget that he says puts 'education first'

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said he hopes to generate revenue through a small cigarette tax hike, a new tax on vaping and sports betting.
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WSAZ) -- Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear says investing in public education will help break the cycle of poverty in the state.

That's why Tuesday night in his budget address the Democrat said he wants to make major investments in public education and safety in schools, as well as on the roads to schools.

Beshear specifically mentioned transportation improvement projects in Floyd and Carter counties.

As a part of his budget address, he also said he wants to give teachers a $2,000 pay raise and a 1 percent funding increase for higher education. The governor also said he wants to fully fund state employee pensions and an additional 350 social workers.

In addition, the governor says he wants to generate revenue without increasing taxes on working families.

"In this proposal, we include four revenue measures: sports betting, a small cigarette tax hike, a new tax on vaping, and an increase in the minimum of the limited liability entity tax to adjust it for inflation based on its passage in 2007," Beshear said during the address. "My hope, moving into the future, is that we can embrace full expanded gaming to compete with Indiana, Ohio, and the rest of our neighbors, Republican-led states that are taking Kentucky dollars."

The governor says that Kentucky's incarceration rate is one of the highest in the nation and the world.

He says it's not sustainable, which is why he will focus on criminal justice reform.

You can read the entire speech by clicking here.

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