Grow Wayne in Studio 3

WAYNE CO., W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A note from Lacy and Lisa:

Grow Wayne in Studio 3.

"Food is medicine - this is a philosophy and core belief that has propelled us to become a partner site of Grow Appalachia of Berea College.

Learning to grow food is nourishing to our minds. Teaching people to grow food is nourishing to our hearts. Preserving, cooking and eating REAL, whole, naturally grown foods is nourishing to our bodies. And packing, labeling, and selling safe food is nourishing to our families bottom line.

Grow Wayne, an affiliate of Grow Appalachia, aims to target food security and help to maintain the important tradition of growing, preserving, cooking and even making a living off of raising wholesome food!

To join our movement, reach out to or call the Wayne County Extension office to speak with Lisa Bell."