High school students struggle to fill food pantry

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 10:23 PM EST
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High school students are trying their best to make a change to help feed the hungry, despite recent challenges.

Four Riverside High School students use their free period to help organize, stock and run their food pantry. Their simple act of kindness is getting harder, though, because the shelves are starting to become empty.

"Right now, 80 people would be without fruits, without canned pasta, without regular pasta," said Jessica Workman, the faculty adviser for the program. "A lot of people would be without a lot of food, which is really sad".

The cause of the shortage came from a previous food drive that nearly cleaned them out. Ever since, they have been trying to play catch up.

"There was almost 90 people that came here and was relying on us to give them food,” said Jessica Sparks, a student volunteer. “And without this food, it's hard to tell what they would be eating or if they would be eating.”

Aside from their problems filling the pantry, the students enjoy giving back to their community.

"I've had like a very blessed life and I like giving back to people because it makes me feel like a good person, like I'm doing what's right," said Hailee Fitch, a student volunteer.

Even though they had a church donate a large number of supplies, the pantry is still in need of items like peanut butter, canned fruit, pasta and pancake mix.

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