High water along state Route 2 slows drivers

Cars passing and spraying water on each other.
Cars passing and spraying water on each other.(WSAZ)
Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 6:16 PM EST
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Reports of rain, mudslides and high water caused mudslides and rockslides across Cabell County, leaving people wondering when the rain will end.

All the rain did not stop Francis Suarez from playing golf at Riviera County Club in the Lesage area.

"It's been great, there's nobody." Suarez said. "I have the whole course to myself."

Despite the course being waterlogged, Suarez says the weather was perfect to play -- just as long as the proper clothes were worn.

"If there is water, you just pick up your ball and place it where you can hit it," Suarez said.

Although Suarez enjoyed himself Thursday, taking time to work on his putting game, many people found it difficult to drive along state Route 2 near Riverview Road along the Ohio River.

Water covered the road making is difficult for drivers to get through without being sprayed or slowing down. A wreck even happened on the road.

Joan Pickett lives on Riverview Drive. She said she had been watching the water rise from her porch. She can tell the water is high by where it hits on a sign over her neighbor's steps.

"The people that I have talked to have lived here a long time and they say it has never come up this high." Pickett said. "Never even close."

Pickett has lived in the neighborhood since 2017. She said the first time she saw high water when she first moved in, she was shocked.

"It was scary. I called my neighbors. I thought we were all going to drop into the drink," Pickett said.

Joan's neighbors assured her the area is flood safe.

In Mason County, high water was reported along Mason Eighty Road off of Upper Ashton Drive.