Homes of Hope | A new beginning

Big Sandy Superstore assembles a table for one of the 'Homes of Hope' recipients.
Big Sandy Superstore assembles a table for one of the 'Homes of Hope' recipients.(WSAZ)
Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 2:41 PM EST
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SJ and her son have been in their new house for about a year. She made the choice to move her and her son to get away from a terrible situation.

"It took courage to just get up and leave," said SJ. "That's the biggest step I have ever made in my life."

When she decided to leave and move somewhere new, she left with just two bags of clothes, an air mattress and her son--hoping that what was ahead was far better than what they were leaving behind.

"It was OK," said SJ. "It was OK. It's OK to start all over. I told my son that. To lose everything, it's all materialistic. It's all replaceable. And it is. We came here for our new beginning."

That new beginning started at their new house. She says the new place has been an escape from the pain and fear they once lived in before and a chance to start fresh.

"I am proud of myself," said SJ. "I am just proud of where I have come from. I have come a long way."

SJ says she has had an incredible support system since she moved. Several people donated different pieces of furniture to her including a table, a chair and couch.

However, she says she and her son were sleeping on a mattress in the floor and buying furniture was a far thought.

She is a single mother who works several different jobs to make ends meet. She told WSAZ that her son hadn't even slept in his own room since they moved in.

She said the house hadn't really felt like home until some visitors showed up at her door with a delivery that would change their lives.

SJ was chosen as a recipient of Big Sandy Superstore's 'Homes of Hope' giveaway. Crews delivered and installed a house full of furniture for her.

"I am overwhelmed, excited and I feel so blessed right now," said SJ. "This is amazing. I have never had this before in my life and for someone to just come out and give someone something like this is just amazing."

She and her son were both given new beds, a new couch, a new dinner table, a washer and dryer, etc.

All of the furniture that was donated to her and her son, she took and gave to another family needing it.

She said she is looking forward to finally being able to sit at the dinner table with her son and enjoy family meals and is glad her son will finally have his own bed in his own room.

She said since moving in, her house hasn't felt like a home. But now, that has changed.

"Just because you live in a house doesn't necessarily mean it feels like home," said SJ. "But now this actually feels like home. We have furniture. We have everything we need to make a beginning for us. This is going to be our new start, our new beginning which is amazing."

She says she is now looking forward to the what is ahead for her and her son and isn't ever looking back.

"This is a symbol that our life is starting off with a new beginning," said SJ. "We can start happy memories in this home and be happy about it. This is our start. This is our start of happiness."