Homes of Hope | New furniture means more time together

Brittany Bowen watches as crews from Big Sandy Superstore deliver new furniture to her home.
Brittany Bowen watches as crews from Big Sandy Superstore deliver new furniture to her home.(WSAZ)
Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 3:48 PM EST
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Brittany Bowen and her husband Scott Smith work hours on end each week to make ends meet for their family.

"I think we both do our jobs without expecting anything in return," said Bowen.

She is a 911 dispatcher and her husband is an EMT and a volunteer firefighter and with three small children in the house, things can get a little hectic at times.

They moved into their home in Westwood about two years ago and have been working to make some improvements, taking a little from each paycheck.

However, they say some of their furniture was worn and broken down and needed replaced.

"The kids are rough on furniture," said Smith.

"They are," said Bowen. "Usually we buy stuff off Facebook and stuff because it's so cheap. Like our dining room table that we had, we had gotten it off Facebook and I think we paid like $25 for the set. And I think 3 days after we bought it, all the chairs completely broke down."

When that happened, family dinners started taking place on the couch in the living room instead of the dining room.

"I would much rather sit at the table," said Bowen. "In the living room, everybody is distracted by the TV."

For months, these parents have sacrificed for their children, giving up the comfort of their own bed so their sons could sleep there.

"Our boys were sleeping on a bunky mattress and you know how thing those are," said Bowen. "You could feel the springs in it. It was so uncomfortable for them. So it got to the point where we would just let the boys sleep in our bed and me and him were sleeping on the couch."

But just days before Christmas, a gift arrived that would mean each one would have their own bed for the holiday.

The family was chosen as a recipient of the Big Sandy Superstore 'Homes of Hope' giveaway, meaning they were getting a house full of furniture delivered to them.

WSAZ was there for the moment it was all delivered and installed.

"We just want them to know that we greatly appreciate it and it made for a great ending to a very long, stressful year," said Bowen.

Bowen says she is looking forward to now being able to have family dinners around the kitchen table and a washer and dryer that will be able to handle all their loads of laundry.

She says to them, the furniture is much more than just an item, it is a chance for their family to make memories together and is going to help truly make their house a home.