Homes of Hope | Out with the old and in with the new

FLATWOODS, Ky. (WSAZ) -- Kim Carter is retired from her job and is helping raise her three grandchildren--ages 8, 2 and 6-months-old.

Kim Carter, a recipient of Big Sandy Superstore's 'Homes of Hope' giveaway, is retired from her job and is helping raise her three grandchildren--ages 8, 2 and 6-months-old.

"It's a little challenging at times," said Carter. "We just do the best we can."

She and her husband take care of them all while dealing with their own health issues.

"I may not be able to get down and do all the things that younger people do, but they could not be loved more for sure," said Carter.

She will admit, with so many young children in the house, things are bursting at the seams.

"The last few months especially it seems like there were a lot of things in like baskets and stuff," said Eastwood. "It's like I just need more room to put everything."

Kim's health conditions force her to sleep sitting up in a recliner. She says over the years, a lot of their furniture has worn down and replacing it was a far thought.

"My husband and I just didn't really have any hope of ever getting anything new because it takes every single dime just to take care of these kids," said Carter.

But that hope was restored when crews with Big Sandy Superstore showed up to deliver and install a house full of brand new furniture.

Carter and her husband were chosen as recipients of Big Sandy's 'Homes of Hope' giveaway.

"It was just such a blessing when I got the call because it was like an answered prayer, like here's your hope. Here's your hope back," said Carter.

To make room for all of their new furniture, she and her husband donated a lot of their old pieces.

Carter says she feels undeserving of the furniture, but says that each new piece brings a feeling of comfort for her family's future.

"Just knowing there are still people out there and companies out there that do things like this is a big deal because everybody talks about how much evil there is in the world," said Carter. "You don't hear a lot about the good stuff that happens."