Hometown Hero | Everett Horn

Published: Sep. 8, 2019 at 1:12 PM EDT
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Due to ongoing financial concerns, the Martin County Sheriff's Office has suffered cutbacks of deputies and funds. Sheriff John Kirk now serves as the lone employee at the office.

"I've been working 16 to 18 hours a day, and I've done this since I've been the sheriff," Kirk states. "And my body is tired, I'm run down, and I've got to have some help."

Local business owner, Everett Horn, has seen the struggles the Sheriff's Office has faced and stepped in to help by donating one thousand dollars to the office, which was to help pay for gas for the vehicles.

"As a citizen and especially as a small business owner in the county, I'm very concerned about protection," says Horn. "And I think that's probably the most important thing for the citizens in the county to have police protection."

Horn has also encouraged other business owners to find ways to help out so that a county that continues to seek hope can find a bright future ahead.