Hometown Heroes | D. J. Bradley and Amanda Watts

Published: Apr. 25, 2020 at 8:18 AM EDT
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The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many people step up and offer to help in any way they can. That includes Wayne County residents D. J. Bradley and Amanda Watts, who have tirelessly taken on the task of making face masks. Now with over 300 masks made and counting, the task has become a daily part of their lives.

"We just wanted to do anything we could to help, even just a little bit, in our community," says Watts.

Bradley and Watts both got the inspiration after Bradley's mom donated an old sewing machine. From there, the couple learned how to sew and quickly began making masks.

Before they knew it, their once-small operation quickly grew. At first, they were making masks for family members, but after a popular Facebook post, the two now assemble masks for healthcare professionals and any individual who has reached out.

"We are not only trying to help those that are working on the front line but also your everyday citizen who wants to feel that extra protection," Watts states.

Their reach expands beyond West Virginia and the Tri-State. They've given masks to people in North Carolina, Illinois, and all the way to Arizona.

Furthermore, while Bradley and Watts have received donations and appreciate them, the couple makes the masks for free and does not expect anything in return.

"I think we get more enjoyment out of it than the people that get the masks just for the simple fact that what we're doing, what we're doing for the community," Bradley says.

Watts echoes that motivation. "You just want to do anything you can to protect yourself and those that you love."

Danielle Bradley, a family member, expresses her gratefulness. "They work really really hard, they're helping people's safety and health and they deserve it."