UPDATE | Hot summer of 2019 rolls on

Chief meteorologist Tony Cavalier headlines of the "relentless" heat that steamrolls ahead in the summer of 2019.

HUNTINGTON/CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- UPDATE 8/16/19 @ 10:50 p.m.
The forecast for weekend heat wave conditions is on target. Highs will rush into the low 90s on Saturday and mid-90s by Sunday and Monday. So far lows have been stable in the 60s, and that should hold through the weekend as the drying ground and longer nights keep the higher humidity levels at arm's length.

There is some hint at a cooling shower passing on Sunday evening as expressed by our super computer models. Since I feel the artificial intelligence that goes into these models is being a bit exuberant, I will stick with the trusty Euro model which has a better track record and is suggesting no rain.

To summarize, wear plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated at Saturday events like the Italiano Festival in Huntington and the Round the Mound Car Show in South Charleston.

Then for those walking the midway at the Meigs Fair, watching the demolition derby at the Carter Fair or taking in concerts like the Picnic with the Pops in Huntington or the Concert for the Cure in Barboursville on Saturday evening, expect a red sky sunset that will knock your socks off!

Sunday will vie to be among the hottest days of the summer!

The hot summer of 2019 rolled on Wednesday as, despite a dazzling tropical cloud deck, enough sunshine broke through the heavens to sponsor late-day highs in the 85-90 degree range.

Mind you, while both airports (Charleston Yeager and Huntington Tri-State) recorded peak temperatures in the mid-80s, downtown thermometers did kiss the 90-degree mark in Huntington (Cabell EMS), Chesapeake, Ashland, Portsmouth and Pikeville as reported on the weather underground Mesonet.

Looking ahead, both Thursday and Friday will feature more tropical skies with sunshine more abundant than recent days. So a sunburn alert is in effect for after-school activities on the practice fields (after 5 p.m. you can avoid using sunblock at this time of year since the sun angle is growing more acute or shallow). Highs will be almost identical to Wednesday with upper 80s at the airports and near 90 downtown.

By the weekend, outdoor plans at festivals and concerts will need to factor in the heat. The Italian Festival in Huntington and the Summerfest daytime car show in South Charleston will be hot and steamy affairs. Air temperatures near 95 downtown will feel even hotter, so plan on seeking shade and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. The early call for Picnic with The Pops in Huntington on Saturday night is for a spectacular red sky sunset with thundershowers staying west toward Cincinnati.