UPDATE | Hourly raise for full-time Dunbar employees approved

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DUNBAR, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- UPDATE 7/1/19 @11:49 p.m.
Full-time employees in the city of Dunbar will receive a 30-cent an hour pay raise.

A raise is coming to full-time Dunbar city workers. Residents will see an increase to their municipal fees.

The increase is effective immediately.

Dunbar Mayor Bill Cunningham says the motion passed unanimously in its second reading Monday night.

Cunningham says that the city's budget has allowed them to give pay raises for the last three or four years.

Community members in Dunbar will soon be seeing some changes to their city garbage and municipal fees.

Dunbar's city council approved the changes during Monday night's meeting to switch the household garbage fee from quarterly payments to monthly payments.

Council members also approved a $5 increase to the municipal fee.

City Officials say the added fee will go directly toward the unfunded liability of the firefighters pension fund.

Those changes will go into effect in little over a month.

Also Monday night, council members approved a raise for full-time Dunbar city employees.

The raise, which is an additional 30 cents per hour, was passed unanimously.

The rasies will go into effect July 1st.

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