Hundreds line up for free medical care in Pike Co., Ky.

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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT/Gray News) - Medical care can be expensive, which is why Remote Area Medical, also known as RAM, brought free medical services to eastern Kentucky.

Saturday and Sunday, volunteers set up at East Ridge High School in Pike County.

"Even when we're worried about the cost of medicine, it can affect our whole overall quality of life," Dave Maurer said.

Maurer is a Clinic Coordinator with RAM.

With the climbing cost of medical care, some families are forced to make difficult decisions.

"Choices between do I pay my rent or do I pay for my medication?" Maurer said.

This one-stop-shop allows people to get the help they need with same-day services.

"Remote Area Medical does not charge anything. We don't ask for any form of identification," Maurer said.

Services included medical care like check-ups, ultrasounds, and addressing problem areas.

Dental work services also helped with more than just your typical cleaning.

"Including fillings, extractions, we were actually able to do a few root canals, very exciting," Maurer said.

Plus, many participants received vision care.

"Our patients have been able to choose the eye frames they want and we have made them right here on the spot in our state-of-the-art eye lab," Maurer said.

Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) also joined forces with RAM to provide health care.

Services provided by PMC's staff from the Leonard Lawson Cancer and Women's Services Department included medical health screenings for lung, skin, oral, and breast exams.

During the two days, more than 350 people lined up at the high school.

"It's been wonderful to see them walking out relieved and feeling good about life," Maurer said.

RAM volunteers have provided these important services to help improve the lives of many Eastern Kentuckians.

"It's so rewarding as a nurse to see somebody get a pair of glasses and maybe come out here and see the trees, who have never been able to see the leaves on the trees," Maurer said.

This weekend, RAM volunteers gave away around $197,000 of medical, dental and vision care.

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