Huntington fire chief gives 'all clear' after church finds suspicious package

Staff members at a church on Wallace Circle in Huntington called 911 Monday after discovering a suspicious package containing white powder addressed to the pastor. (Source: WSAZ)
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A suspicious package caused concern at a church in Huntington Monday, but emergency officials say there is nothing to worry about.

Huntington Fire Chief Jan Rader says the package was addressed to the pastor of St. John's Episcopal Church on Wallace Circle.

The church secretary opened the package, which appeared to come from Australia, and saw white powder fall out. To be safe, the church staff called 911. They also moved the church daycare kids outside.

The Huntington Fire Department treats all scenarios involving unknown substances as hazmat situations.

Chief Rader says her team determined the white powder was Naltrexone -- a medication used to treat drug addiction and prevent relapse. Rader tells WSAZ she is familiar with the group that sent the package and believes there was no ill intent.

The post inspector was called to pick up the package as a precaution.