Man works to support small business and front line workers during health crisis

Residents are working hard to continue supporting local businesses while also giving out a 'thank-you' to those working during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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HUNTINGTON, W. Va. (WSAZ)-- A man in Huntington is looking for ways to help out the community he loves.

Jared Morrison has created Huntington Hope 4 Hospitality, a new program that supports those working during the COVID-19 pandemic and small businesses struggling to stay afloat.

Those interested can contact one of the participating businesses and purchase a gift card for those front line workers who may be working long, hard hours during the health crisis.

The businesses can then send the gift card to whomever you choose. Maybe it's a family whose battling a loss of income or someone you want to send a thank-you to.

Many grocery store workers, postal workers, truck drivers, law enforcement and medical professionals as well as countless others are working to keep life-sustaining operations going during the pandemic.

"One of the best things you can do is get distracted and even if it's just for five minutes on the phone with Jim Spaghetti or La Famiglia or Calamity J," said Morrison. "You're now not thinking about whatever you were worrying about, it's helping you too. When you give it makes you feel good. I felt just exhilarated after talk to that lady at Valley Health, I think I really did improve her day. I don't think it fixed any of the problems that she had but I think it gave her a little boost of hope, it gave me the same boost of hope."

Morrison says it's been very rewarding seeing people chip in and help one another.

"We have the opportunity now to make a difference: by staying safe, staying smart, and staying home," said Morrison. "By giving to those who need our help and those on the front lines, who deserve our eternal gratitude, from the comfort of our own home."

For a link to the list of businesses, phone numbers and more information, click here.

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