UPDATE: Not guilty plea entered for man accused of shooting officer

Published: Feb. 10, 2018 at 3:50 PM EST
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UPDATE 2/20/18 @ 4:35 p.m.

The man accused of shooting a Charleston Police Officer after escaping CAMC General has entered a not guilty plea.

Bryan Ogle appeared in Kanawha County Magistrate Court on Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.

Charleston Police tell WSAZ that Ogle's case is now being sent to the Grand Jury. His bond will remain at $250,000 cash.

In February police say Ogle, who was already in police custody at CAMC, was able to escape through an adjoining bathroom door.

Officers later caught him outside the hospital; however, while bringing him back they say he began resisting the officers, causing one of them to fall and hit their head.

Police say Ogle struggled with Patrolman Harshbarger before pulling the gun from the officer's holster and firing twice. One shot hit Harshbarger in his utility belt near the buckle.

Ogle is charge with fleeing with reckless indifference, obstructing, disarming a law enforcement officer and attempted murder.

Before this incident, he was wanted out of Sevierville, Tennessee. Officers found him in Montgomery, W.Va., where they say he led them on a chase reaching speeds estimated at 110 mph in a 35 mph residential zone.

UPDATE 2/11/18 @ 5:29 p.m.

New details are continuing to come into our newsroom following a Charleston Police Officer being at CAMC General Saturday.

Late morning Sunday, Bryan Ogle was walked out of the Charleston Police Department downtown, and transported over to Kanawha Magistrate Court for his arraignment on a multitude of charges.

Police tell us Bryan Ogle was wanted out of Sevierville, Tennessee for an incident that occurred back in November. According to court documents, on Nov. 25, Ogle is said to have driven to a home in Sevierville, Tennessee in a Red Pontiac Firebird. A woman was in the car with him. That home belonged to Ogle’s father. Documents say Ogle had the woman watch the front door while he went into the home. They fled before officers could make contact with him, and both Ogle and the woman were not allowed to be there.

As for that Firebird, documents say it was reported stolen out of Georgia.

Days ago on February 8th here in West Virginia, court documents say a law enforcement officer was flagged down by two people on State Route 61 in Montgomery. A woman, one of the people who was flagging the officer down, said her son was involved in an altercation and had been assaulted and possibly kidnapped. She said her son was possibly taken by someone in a black vehicle with gray doors or a gray vehicle with black doors.

Documents say less than an hour later, a gray Honda with Tennessee plates crossed the Montgomery Bridge and was seen by officers. They noticed the vehicle had a broken windshield, and since it was close to the description provided by that woman, they initiated a traffic stop.

But the driver, later identified as Ogle, sped off instead, failing to stop for traffic lights and stop signs, reaching speeds estimated at 110 mph in a 35 mph residential zone. Eventually he lost control and crashed into a hillside.

As officers approached the vehicle, Ogle flung the car in reverse and tried to back away, but struck a utility pole. According to court documents, as officers drew their weapons and demanded he get out of the car, Ogle put it in drive, but the car would not move.

He then got out, and tried to run off on foot. Ogle punched an officer, but they were able to wrestle him to the ground. While on the ground, police say he continued hitting, biting and kicking, yelling he had a gun. Officers tried a taser, but it did not work. While on the ground, trying to subdue him, police say he was grabbing at one of their firearms, trying to rip it free.

Once they got Ogle in handcuffs, they found a Smith & Wesson gun in a holster on his belt. Ogle was found to have a suspended license out of Tennessee for DUI and multiple convictions along with felony arrest warrants. That Honda vehicle he was driving was found to be stolen from Tennessee and had stolen plates belonging to another vehicle.

On Saturday, court documents say police were called to CAMC General for an officer needing assistance after Ogle had escaped custody. Ogle was being guarded in room 502. He was being allowed to use the restroom when documents say he fled through an adjoining bathroom door into room 501, then left the 5th floor through the stairwell. A search was conducted then including CAMC security.

Documents say Ogle got into the basement floor of the hospital, where he was located by CAMC security. They began to chase him, caught him and began fighting where documents say a security officer was injured when Ogle tried to gouge his eyes.

Ogle got away, the documents say, located a short time later under a piece of plastic at the bottom of a stairwell in the alley behind the ER. Officers, including Patrolman Christian Harshbarger took Ogle into custody. While heading back upstairs, documents say Ogle began resisting the officers, causing one of them to fall down the stairs hitting his head and causing a brain bleed. Harshbarger, according to documents, continued struggling with Ogle when they fell to the ground.

Ogle reached for one of the officer’s firearms and was able to pull it from the holster. Ogle fired two shots one of which hit Harshbarger in his utility belt near the buckle.

Patrolman Harshbarger is said to recovering just fine.

Bryan Ogle was arraigned on charges Sunday including fleeing with reckless indifference, obstructing, disarming a law enforcement officer, attempted murder and more. Ogle is in jail on $250,000 cash bond.

UPDATE 2/10/18 @ 5:29 p.m.

We’re continuing to learn new details after a Charleston Police Officer was shot at CAMC General Saturday afternoon.

According to Public Information Officer Lt. Autumn Davis, shortly after 2:30 a prisoner was being guarded in the hospital by Montgomery Police. That prisoner escaped custody, and Charleston Police were called to assist.

One Charleston Officer was helping subdue the suspect, and they ended up in the alley behind the hospital. Police say a struggle ensued there, and that prisoner was able to get the Montgomery Officer’s gun, shooting the Charleston Police Officer.

Police say that officer is doing just fine. They add this is the second time in two and a half months that a Charleston Police Officer has been shot during a scuffle.

Police tell WSAZ the prisoner involved in Saturday’s situation is back in custody. That prisoner is identified as Brian Ogle, a fugitive from justice wanted out of Tennessee. Police say Ogle was apprehended about four days ago after a vehicle pursuit. Lt. Davis adds he was taken to CAMC General as a precaution following his arrest, and was being guarded.

Lt. Davis says at this point it’s not clear what charges Ogle could possibly face.

Brian Ogle is currently in the hospital, and is still being guarded.

UPDATE 2/10/18 @ 5:05 p.m.

We're learning new details following an inmate escaping custody at CAMC in downtown Charleston.

Our crew on scene tells us a Charleston Police Officer was shot during the situation. That officer is expected to be OK.

Stay with WSAZ for updates.


Hospital officials say an inmate escaped his correctional officer Saturday afternoon at CAMC General in downtown Charleston.

Hospital officials say their security were able to track that person down.

Charleston Police are still investigating.

We’re told the incident occurred shortly after 2:00 Saturday afternoon.

Stick with WSAZ for updates on this developing situation