Inmate speaks after escaping Boyd Co. Jail, says he had help

Published: Dec. 29, 2017 at 6:40 PM EST
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Isiah Bare sits in the Greenup County Detention Center after investigators say he escaped from the Boyd County Detention Center early Thursday morning.

Police say Bare, along with three other inmates, climbed through a pipe chase in their cell to the roof where they were able to escape.

The other three inmates, Joseph Salyers, Thomas Bentley, and Austin Childers, remain on the run.

On Friday, Jailer Joe Burchett said an employee was fired for not following proper protocol early Thursday that would have noticed the escape roughly two hours earlier than when it was discovered.

Bare was caught in the Westwood area of Boyd County around 3:30 Thursday afternoon, roughly 12 hours after the jail says security footage shows him escaping. He was found with his girlfriend Tabatha Smith who was also arrested on hindering prosecution or apprehension. Smith was also taken to the Greenup County Detention Center.

Friday, Bare spoke to WSAZ about the escape.

"I seen nothing but opportunity so I went with them," Bare said of the escape.

Bare says it was easy for the four to escape mostly because of help from the inside.

"Yeah, we did," Bare admitted. "Not much I can really talk about on the news." When asked if it was a jail employee, Bare said it was.

Bare says looking back he does regret escaping, especially now that he faces several additional years behind bars for his escape. He also escaped from jail custody while being treated at the hospital in July. However, despite his regrets Bare says if he is sent back to Boyd County, he will try to escape again.

"I'm going to try everything in my power to get out of there," Bare said. "If they take me back to Boyd County and I can escape, I'm going to."

Bare claims he planned on turning himself in just before he was arrested.

He adds he can understand where people of Catlettsburg and Boyd County may have felt unsafe and thought they were in danger, and maybe still do, but says he had no intention on harming anyone. He adds that there are inmates in the jail that, if they got out, could harm someone and say that's why the jail needs some serious changes or be shut down.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to harm anybody by any means but they need to shut that jail down because it's gonna happen again. There's more than one spot and it's definitely going to happen again. If that jail stays open, it's going to happen again, and everybody knows it's not a safe jail at all."

As for the whereabouts of the other three inmates, Bare says he doesn't know.

The escape comes just over two weeks after a malfeasance investigation was launched against Boyd County Jailer Joe Burchett following several incidents at the jail including escapes, overdoses, and a riot that shut down the jail for about a month in August.

The charge is only a misdemeanor, and if convicted, Burchett would face a $100 to $1,000 fine, but no jail time. Burchett's position would be vacated and a new jailer would be named.

WSAZ has reached out to Burchett several times for comment, but we have not heard back.

Several departments are still out looking for the remaining inmates.