Kentucky Senate passes school safety bill

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WSAZ/WAVE) -- Kentucky state senators have unanimously passed a bill aimed at keeping students safe in school. Some who voted for SB 1 said they wanted to assure the families of Marshall County school shooting victims that they won’t be forgotten.

Two students were killed in the shooting, and 21 others were hurt.

There was some debate on floor though. Several Democratic senators were concerned that students didn’t have enough say in the protection of their schools. That yielded a promise on the floor.

SB 1 includes the creation of a state school safety marshal and local leaders, resource officers at every school, and required active shooter training for staff members.

It also touches on mental health requiring training and a mental health professional assigned per 1,500 students.

SB 1 also incorporates school threats as part of a terroristic threatening in the second degree charge.

"I think it's one of things we can safely say we have to do, we need to do, were going to do," Senator Gerald Neal, (D) Louisville, said.

Neal added that as the bill moves to the Kentucky House of Representatives, it may get tweaked but he’s confident it will pass.

After the bill passed, Senator Robin Webb (D-Grayson) posted a statement on Facebook saying, "Senate Bill 1, the bi-partisan School Safety bill is passed. I dedicate my vote to my friends Deanna McDavid a teacher and Marvin Hicks, a classified employee, their families, my high school and all those affected by the events in January 18, 1993."

Webb is referring to the shooting at East Carter High School where Gary Scott Pennington allegedly killed McDavid and Hicks, and held students hostage.