Lawsuit alleges Dollar General sold ‘useless’ motor oil

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A class-action lawsuit now involving 16 states alleges Dollar General sold “useless” motor oil to its customers.

A federal judge has certified the case, so in this particular class action, Dollar General customers in 16 states who bought two particular kinds of Dollar General brand motor oil could be eligible to move forward toward a settlement.

Kentucky and Ohio are among those states.

The lawsuit alleges Dollar General sold DG 10w-40 motor oil “not suitable for use in most gasoline powered engines built after 1988.” But that warning was just below text saying the oil is quote "an all-season, multi-viscosity, heavy duty motor oil recommended for gas engines in older model cars and trucks.

DG SAE 30 oil quote “not suitable for use in gas engines built after 1930” was also mentioned in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims the oil was sold right next to major brands.

“I hope you have receipts, because you’ve got a very good shot at getting those repairs covered by Dollar General for selling you faulty and bad oil,” said Scott Hardy, president of Top Class Action.

Consumers claim the company knew the oil was useless and sold it anyway. In court documents Dollar General says they understood the oil could not be used in most cars but claim they sold it for customers wishing to use it in lawn equipment, boats, and other equipment compatible with the oil.

If you think you’re eligible to take part in the lawsuit, click or tap here to learn more.

Dollar General representatives say they are disappointed in the judge’s certification of the case and are evaluating what steps to take next. Representatives say they continue to believe that the DG-branded motor oil products at issue meet both the company’s standards for quality and value, but also all applicable federal and state labeling, marketing and placement requirements where they are sold.

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