Lincoln Co. Sheriff recovering after a pickup truck falls on him

Published: Apr. 7, 2016 at 1:44 PM EDT
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HAMLIN, W.Va. (WV MetroNews)— Lincoln County Sheriff Ken Farley will be out of commission a while. The sheriff suffered four broken ribs and a broken collar bone while working on his pickup truck this week.

“He had a fuel pump that went out and he was working on it,” said Lincoln County Chief Deputy J.J. Napier. “He got it put back in and was putting the bed back on the truck and something happened and the weight shifted and the truck fell down on top of him.”

The entire weight of the truck landed on Farley’s torso according to Napier. Fortunately his step son and a friend were helping him and were able to remove the vehicle and get him from under it in about 30 seconds.

Farley suffered four broken ribs and a broken collar bone, but no internal injuries.

“It was God’s hand,” Napier said.

Farley is expected to make a full recovery and be back to work soon.

“He’s just real sore, other than that spirits are high and him being who he is he’s ready to come back to work.” Napier said. “He’s hard headed and strong willed and he’ll be back before you know it.