Logan County passes school levy; millions in changes and upgrades heading into schools

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LOGAN COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ)- Residents of Logan County have cast their vote towards a historical levy for Logan County Schools worth millions.

The levy that includes security, materials, insurance, trips and salaries passed on Saturday with nearly 90% of the county's support.

According to Superintendent Patricia Lucas the items included in the passed levy are:

1. Safety and security improvements including camera updates, panic alert systems, resource officer, door alarms, radio projects, and general security upgrades valued at $500,000.

2. $600,000 worth of textbooks, technology, travel and classroom supply upgrades.

3. School allocation and student insurance valued at $270,000.

4. $556,000 will go to construction and maintenance of the boards schools.

5. $215,000 in community services including the public library, health department and the West Virginia Co-op extension services.

6. In terms of salaries, the passed levy holds $2.8 million of the boards staff salaries.

7. Service personnel takes in $1.8 million of salaries.

8. $400,000 will go towards substitute costs.

9. Personnel taxes, health benefits and retirement for all employees consumes $1.8 million of the levy.

The last time a levy passed in the county was in 2015 and was designated $2 million in funding for the fire and ambulance departments.

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