Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Jackson County, Ohio

JACKSON, Ohio (WSAZ) -- Jackson County is known for its apples, but soon it might be known for another plant.

On Wednesday, Buckeye Botanicals opened in Jackson. The medical marijuana dispensary is one of the first to open in the state and the only dispensary to open in our region. Some patients have driven as far as four hours away to get their medication.

"I’m glad we're open and can help,” said co-owner Eric Ryant.

Briana Bennett drove from Columbus to get treatment for her PTSD that she developed after she witnessed a murder.

"I have anxiety, like I have panic attacks. It's just hard to deal with,” she said.

Although she wishes the distance were shorter, she's hoping medical marijuana will ease her symptoms.

"This is my first go about with it so I’m just hoping for the best,” Bennett said.

For now the medication they're dispensing can only be vaped, but they're hoping to expand their variety in the near future.

"Eventually we'll have some form of edibles, tinctures, concentrates,” Ryant said.

He knows there are people who disagree with medical marijuana, but he's seen it change people's lives.

For example with Charlotte’s web, a strain of cannabis.

"Which was a pioneer for helping children with epilepsy,” he said.

Hoping to relieve people symptoms one bud at a time.

"We’re making a difference in the community,” Ryant said.

At this time Buckeye Botanicals is able to fill 90-day prescriptions for patients.

Only those who are registered in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program will be able to receive the drug.

They are open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday and are closed Monday and Tuesday.

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