Middleport enforces clean ordinances

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MIDDLEPORT, Ohio (WSAZ) -- For neighbors in Middleport, spring cleaning is coming a little early this year.

The village police will be "actively enforcing" ordinances to keep the village clean. (John Lowe/WSAZ)

“I think it's great,” longtime Middleport resident Karen Gilkey said. “It's really great that they're trying to make it a better place to live.”

Middleport Police announced earlier this year that they would begin actively enforcing several city ordinances that focus on keeping the village streets clean.

These ordinances deal with vehicle parking, animals, health and sanitation and trash collection.

You can find a list of Middleport’s ordinances here.

Some neighbors believe this could bring improvements to a place they already enjoy living in.

“Everybody seems to speak with everybody, it's a friendly little town,” Gilkey said. “Because I lived in bigger towns when my husband and I first was married. Like in Dayton, you didn't even know your next door neighbor. People were scared. Here, everybody talks to everybody.”