Mock prom disaster brings students face-to-face with consequences of impaired driving

MARTIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Several Martin County emergency crews supported teachers in educating kids about the dangers of impaired driving.

Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG Kentucky) prepared Sheldon Clark High School students for their upcoming prom with a mock disaster.

Our sister station WYMT was there for the fake outcome of a night of fun that included underage drinking and driving.

Senior Hunter Stacy, who played the role of the drunk driver, says some of his classmates may not realize situations like these can happen in a split second.

"I actually injured and killed multiple people [in the mock accident]," Stacey said. "I think about it sometimes, and think, 'What if that was me?'"

High schoolers encountered scary consequences for being impaired behind the wheel. Marcie Hanson, the instructor for the JAG Kentucky class, says a grim reaper claimed several lives, many of their friends whom they would never see or hear from again.

"It can be that student that sits beside them in class or it could be someone that they high-fived when they were walking down the hallway," Hanson said.

Thankfully, Wednesday's two-car collision was a just a mock disaster but on prom night this fatal crash could be a reality.

"When you're being cut out of the car, or anything like that, you're like, 'Wow this could actually happen to me and not just [be] a maybe,'" JAG Kentucky's President Autumn Mills said.

Teachers say no one is invincible. Every decision has a consequence, sometimes even a fatal one. That consequence could affect not only the impaired driver but others on the road.

"With an accident like that, there's no discrimination," Hanson said.

Students say if you are old enough to be behind the wheel, you are old enough to go to jail.

"It would have to feel like such a burden, like such a weight to know you did something like that," Stacy said.

They hope their classmates are reminded to never drink underage and to learn to hand over the keys.

Organizers say there are 54 JAG programs across Kentucky. Hanson says 27 students lose their lives to impaired driving each day.

Sheldon Clark's prom is Saturday, April 13.

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