Mold prevention underway at Capital High School

Published: Jul. 31, 2019 at 5:08 PM EDT
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The first day of school is right around the corner for kids in Kanawha County, which means parents and teachers are planning for the school year. However, those at Capital High School have also been wondering about what the school year will bring.

Mold kept kids out of the classroom for several days during the last two years.

"We remembered when school started last year, when the kids got there it was a huge issue," parent Dawn Ashworth said.

Ashworth and other parents were happy to know school officials have worked all summer to make sure the mold issues do not pop up again.

"I think it's amazing. I'm actually kind of surprised, too," she said.

Kanawha County School officials said they have placed more than 80 de-humidifiers throughout the school, replaced thermostats, and closed air dampers to ensure no humidity is getting into the school. Additional custodians have also been staffed for cleaning and the humidity, temperature and carbon monoxide levels are checked daily.

School officials told WSAZ these efforts have worked and school is set to start on time.

"The past couple years have been like a Band-Aid fix, not really doing what needs to be done to prevent the issue," Ashworth said. "So with everything that they've done this year, and especially now at the beginning of the year, that's really amazing and it's a really good thing."