Hometown Heroes lead renovation of Ceredo-Kenova Community Center

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WAYNE COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Since 1950, the Ceredo-Kenova War Memorial Building has been the heartbeat of the community.

The Ceredo-Kenova War Memorial Building has been a community center for neighbors since 1950.

That heartbeat has been strengthened by the fundraising efforts of Larry and David Moore, who have raised over $300,000 towards improvements, including a brand new basketball court.

“The original floor in the building is 69 years old and with these improvements we're pretty comfortable that the next 70 years will be as well as the first 70,” Larry Moore said.

The new court will be accompanied by new bleachers. Come November the center will play host to some high school basketball games. All of this is being made possible because of the tireless fundraising efforts of the Moore brothers.

Their inspiration: the veterans of the community, including their father.

“It's a war memorial and our dad was in World War II,” David Moore said. “He was a hero to me and so many of them in our town are heroes and we want to keep that vision alive and give the kids and the people in the town a great place to congregate and have a good time.”

For the community, the improvements provide an example to neighbors of what can come from hard work.

“You do have to have a passion to want to do these kind of things because the world today needs more volunteers it needs more people just to step up and take the shovel and do whatever needs to be done,” David Moore said.