UPDATE | Crews set to begin final part of resurfacing project on I-64 in Putnam County Monday

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PUTNAM COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- UPDATE 4/9/19 @ 6:30 p.m.
The final phase of the resurfacing project on Interstate 64 in Putnam County is set to begin.

The project first began in early 2018.

The West Virginia Division of Highways says the final phase will start on Monday, April 15.

Crews will be putting down a final wear coat on the section between the U.S. 35 interchange to the Hurricane exit.

Work will start at the U.S. 35 interchange. Once that work is done, crews will then work at the Hurricane exit and work their way back toward Teays Valley.

The paving work will be done Monday through Friday at night. It is scheduled then from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Crews say the overnight work will help to alleviate a lot of the traffic.

"You should always be prepared to stop," said Ryan Canfield, the area engineer for District I. "Perfect scenario, we don't want to see any traffic backups but nothing is perfect so I'm sure we will see a little bit, but always be cautious and prepared."

During hours where crews aren't working, all lanes are expected to be open.

During the work, though, the east and westbound lanes will close at different times.

Crews are reminding drivers that the speed limit will drop to 55 in the work zone when the lights are flashing.

When crews aren't working, the speed limit will still be 70 miles an hour.

Officers will be patrolling the work zone, enforcing the 55 mile an hour speed limit.

The work is expected to last until July 1.

"With any project, no matter how big or small, you are going to get grief from people," said Canfield. "They want it done, but you have to bear with us to get it done. That's all we ask. A couple more months, and hopefully we will be out of the way."

The West Virginia Division of Highways says there’s going to be some changes coming to construction on I-64 between Huntington and Charleston in the coming weeks. And they’re asking drivers to prepare and continue obeying the speed limit.

As a separate project, the DOH says there will be some paving work done between Nitro and Institute that could start as soon as next week. A bid has been awarded for the roadwork and officials are finalizing a schedule. The DOH called this “some very much needed resurfacing.”

As for the major rehab work on I-64, the DOH says they are about two-thirds of the way through that project.

It is broken down into three phases right now, and considering the road from West to East, Phase 1 is from Milton to Hurricane. The DOH says in this phase, there will no longer be mile-upon-mile of lane closures. There is only some minor work that needs done in terms of guardrails and shoulders. There will still be intermittent, small lane closures and reductions, but for the most part all lanes will be open in this area. And the speed limit will remain 55 mph.

Phase 2, again eastbound, stretches from Hurricane to the Teays Valley exit. In this phase, the DOH says as early as next week, work could begin here. Crews are moving the contraflow lane for eastbound traffic a few miles. Drivers heading east will enter the contraflow lane just before Hurricane and then will exit just after Teays Valley. That lane will last about 5 miles. So drivers needing the Hurricane or Teays Valley exits heading east will need to stay in the right lane and not enter the contraflow lane.

The DOH says the contraflow lane has worked really well so far in this project, too.

Phase 3 stretches eastbound from Teays Valley to the Crooked Creek/U.S. 35 exit on the interstate. The DOH says they are done with this portion of the project for the rest of this year. In the spring, crews will put a final wear coat down onto the pavement. But for right now, they are only removing the portion of the contraflow lane that is in this area and shifting it slightly.

The DOH says drivers have for the most part been paying attention to posted speed limits and signage along the road. They ask that drivers still please slow down, and realize that posted speed limit of 55 mph is going to remain.

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