More room for voter fraud with W.Va. absentee ballots

Published: Apr. 18, 2020 at 8:58 PM EDT
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All 1.2 million West Virginians registered to vote have been sent an application to absentee vote in the June 9th primary all in hopes of making it easy for people to vote during covid-19.

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner said there could be some room for voter fraud.

"We are running a campaign on anti fraud or a protection of the election campaign coming out next week to let people know what those numbers are how to report improprieties such as that or there is intimidation of any sort or somebody casting more than one ballot," said Warner.

Warner wants to make sure its clear that no voter fraud will be tolerated. He said voter fraud can range anywhere from someone trying to cast two votes for example trying to help another with voting if they do not need help.

"We want everyone to be sensitized to it we don't want any shenanigans going on we don't want anyone taking advantage of the increased absentee ballot process," said Warner.

Warner says they can triple check signatures for accuracy because the voting process requires a signature on the application, the ballot and on the voter's registration.

If its thought voter fraud is happening the person can be prosecuted, and it can be determined whether their vote counts or not.

"There is the ultimate weapon and that is the prosecution," said Warner.

Warner said there is increased opportunities for as he says "irregularities' to happen which means its important to obey the law and hold other accountable by reporting voter fraud.

"By the way this is a final election for those supreme court offices there is no runoff in the general election in November," said Warner. "Three of our five supreme court justices will be decided in this June 9th election you also have school boards you have levys."

Early voting starts May 27 through June 6 and it is encouraged but a ballot can be mailed in even on June 9 as long as its stamped with that date.

"They can also track their ballots on our website there is a button that says track your ballot," said Warner.

Warner asks everyone be patient with the clerks and urges others to help out with the voting process. He said it may take up to a week to find out the results.