Morgantown transgender man says Planet Fitness manager confronted him for his ID after using men's locker room

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MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.VA (WDTV) It was at the Planet Fitness gym in the Cheat Lake area that Robb Livingood says he was discriminated against for being a transgender man.

On October 9th, Livingood finished working out and was leaving the gym.

"I was going to grab my keys to leave and a manager stepped into the path of my exit. I thought that was pretty aggressive because I was wearing headphones and I've never seen them approach somebody like that unless there's a problem," said Livingood.

The manager allegedly confronted Livingood saying she noticed he was using the men's room and demanded to see a state ID showing he is a man.

"I was very weirded out that she was watching me go to the bathroom," said Livingood.

Livingood's ID identifies him as a man, but he wanted to give the manager a second chance before he showed it to her.

"I went back into the gym with my wallet and I told her that I didn't think it was fair for her to put me on the spot that way and I asked her to reconsider," said Livingood.

5 News reached out to Planet Fitness and spokeswoman McCall Gosselin said they are working with the franchise owner to re-educate the staff of the gym and have reached out to Livingood to personally apologize for the incident.

Livingood says he and his partner plan to meet with the regional leader of the gym and hopes the conversation will bring more than just an apology.

"A mere apology without change is just manipulation of public sentiment and we want to see that something concrete is done to where they're at least living up to their advertisement about being a judgement-free zone," said Livingood.

According to Livingood, he had already cancelled his membership before the incident, and he had worked with the manager that confronted him to schedule that cancellation.