Mudslide, flooding leaving neighbors stranded

MILTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Weather is dealing a double whammy to people in one community.

High water and a mudslide have affected Dry Creek Road in Milton, West Virginia.

High water has been covering Dry Creek Road in Milton in several areas. For the original story: CLICK HERE

All the rain has caused a mudslide that's covering another part of the road, leaving people in close to 20 homes stranded.

"When we got these torrential rains, it really brought it down," David Boggs said. "It's been coming down the last three or four days."

Road crews can't even get to the mudslide to begin clearing it because of the flooding.

Some people have been walking over a hill to get to their jobs. Others have used ATVs to get in and out.

Boggs says flooding blocking them in is a recurring problem. He says he's reached out to several political offices to try to get another outlet added, all to no avail.

Cabell County EMS Director Gordon Merry says if anyone who's stranded has a medical emergency before the road is cleared, they'd use a raft or boat to get to the people in need.