Neighbors concerned about rockslides on Mink Shoals Road

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KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Misty Moore says she has lived in the 2900 block of Elk River Road for more than a decade and she doesn't remember a time when rockslides were a rare occurrence.

Pinch Volunteer Fire Department says they receive calls fairly often of rockslides in the 2900 block of Elk River Road in Mink Shoals.

"It's been on and off for years ever since I've moved in here," Moore said. "We've had numerous rockslides."

Pinch Volunteer Fire Department crews say they often respond to several calls of rockslides on that stretch of roadway. But they say it's more common in the winter, after a freeze then thaw, or in the summer or spring after heavy rains. They also say the most recent rockslide happened Sunday afternoon.

"We've been watching the one big rock that fell Sunday," said Patrick Smith, another nearby neighbor. "We've been watching it and (my wife has) been expecting it to fall, and it finally did."

Smith says he hasn't even lived in his home for one year yet but already recognizes the rocks as being a major problem.

"Within the last month we've had two, one (of) which took out the telephone pole and knocked out the power for sixteen hours," he said.

Both Smith and Moore say while they feel the rocks aren't a danger to their homes, they do feel they can be a danger to the drivers underneath.

"It's been a miracle to me that nobody has gotten hurt," Moore said.

"You can see right now some more loose material there," Smith told WSAZ. "So the next time we get a good hard rain, three or four days in a row, it's going to be in the road again."

They both say they hope for the loose rocks to be cleared or the wall to be stabilized.

"So then that way it's controlled, it's a controlled environment.," Moore said. "They can bring them down, get rid of them and hopefully keep somebody from getting hurt someday."

WSAZ reached out to the Department of Highways to ask if anything was going to be done about the wall. We will let you know when we hear back.