New WVSP motorcycle on display

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- The 2019 Police packaged Harley Davidson Motorcycle is on display for folks to see who are attending the basketball games this weekend at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center.

The West Virginia State Police has seven of the blue and gold bikes in it's fleet. They won't be used for traffic stops but they will be used for ceremonial events like parades and funerals.

A select group of troopers will be trained how to ride them by people from Harley Davidson and Northwestern University in April.

"Around the year of 1978 we discontinued our motorcycle unit and with the help of West Virginia Harley over in South Charleston hooked us up with some bikes, assist with putting together some lights, our shop actually did a lot of the paint work on there so we are very proud of them," Trooper N.A. Benavides said.

Troopers are also hoping to use the bike as a talking point as they look to recruit more troopers. Anyone who wants to find out more about becoming a trooper can head to and look at the information and even take some practice tests.

The West Virginia State Police are celebrating 100 years of serving the public in 2019.